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Jewelery box


Dry fruit baskey

Decoration pieces


1. Sugar Pot

2. Dry fruit basket

3. Wooden hotpot with inner and outer brass

4. Fency dry fruit basket

5. Fency dry fruit basket

6. Loh e qurani

7. Hotpot with inner bowl

8. Wooden bread roller

9. Tray set

10. Kitchen utensil

11. Tissue box

12. Tissue box of Turkish wooden work

13. Catering stand brass work

14. Office desk organizer wooden

15. Candy painted

16. Wooden ash tray with brass work

17. (3 in 1) Wooden fency ash tray 

18. Wooden Hotpot brass work

19. Wall mirror moti round large

20. Loh e qurani clock

21. Carving tukri wooden wall clock

22. Ayatul kursi wall hanging

23. Quran Rail

24. Carving hotpot

25. Handemade wooden kitchen utensil

26. Carved wooden waste bin

27. Wooden side table lamp

28. 3 portion handemade jewellary box

29. Wooden handmade stool 

30. Round Coffee table

31. Wooden Masala jar

32. Quran stand

33. Wooden first kalma verse

34. Wooden glass spoon set stand

35. Hand carved wooden dry fruit box

36. Wooden plate set

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