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Muhammad Arshad chaudhry


About Us

Al-Murslat Story

Rice, with its delicate grains, represented nourishment and prosperity. It was planted with care, cultivated with hard work, and harvested with hope. The villagers believed that every grain held a piece of their collective dreams, and as the rice fields swayed in the breeze, a sense of abundance filled the air.

Salt, on the other hand, was the silent companion that enhanced the essence of every meal. It was sourced from the nearby salt mines, where hardworking hands extracted it from the Earth. The villagers cherished the salt for its ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, turning simple ingredients into memorable feasts.

We pledge to meet and exceed customer satisfaction adherence to the highest standards and regulatory requirements. We are committed to quality and continuous improvement in system performances, understanding and meeting the quality needs and expectations of all customers, suppliers and employees. We are dedicated to improve and search for excellence and everything proves the great efforts from the manufacturing process to best product quality control to an effective support service.

Our Vission

We take pride in being a business that care for its customer and creates a healthy environment through its natural products. Thats the reason businesses trust us as an authority to unlock the goodness of Himalayan Pink Salt Products.

Our History

Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art salt products throughout the process, from mining to manufacturing and supply while remaining in compliance with international standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create awareness about the benefits of Himalayan Salt and provide an extensive range of Premium quality Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Products.We offer integrated private labeling to our valued clients tailored to their target audience needs.

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